Mandap Travels, when tourism is synonymous with …
Ethics. Our approach follows an ethical and responsible tourism, where authenticity, sharing and respect are at the heart of our values.
Our tours encourage encounters with local people and sharing simple moments that facilitate understanding and mutual respect. The traveler discovers the reality of a country by building a healthier relationship with its people and equitable. To facilitate these exchanges, our groups do not exceed 15 participants.

Nepal has a rich natural and cultural heritage and preserved. If it seems important to share this wealth with you, we know it depends on a delicate balance and are committed to protecting it for future generations.
Our philosophy is to promote responsible tourism, more respectful of local people (to pay a fair price, standards and cultures, populations according to their training needs …).

In addition, we support local development and donate 3% of our trips to projects in Nepal. By supporting these local initiatives, Mandap Travels development assistance for micro-enterprises.
Our commitment is also our policy. We also seek to educate our partners and customers to the impacts of tourism on the environment.