Why Mandap ?

Mandap Travels, Dream and Ethics mixed

The dream, as we give ourselves the opportunity to offer for your staff and employees, a unique experience in a magical land. Mythical destination, Nepal offers a variety of activities. We will organize with you a circuit on-demand, unique, for an unforgettable trip.
Choose Mandap Travels also means the choice of responsible ethical and fair tourism. It displays the social responsibility of your company and demonstrates your commitment to sustainable development, respect for local people, environmental conservation .
We can construct with you tours and custom trips. Give us the size of the group, what to include (adventure, sport, culture, relaxation, well-being…), duration, constraints, budget per person, the comfort level …
We will work together to proposals perfectly tailored to suit your customers, à la carte.
 • Support for travelers from the airport
 • transport to the hotel
 • local travel, hotel reservation, restaurants,
 • Local air transport,
 • confirmation of return flights,
 • listing of circuits